Wedding Day!

Aug 04

Today is the day!  Austin and I are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think enough exclamation points can let you know how excited I am.  Pictures will be up soon enough (well, after the honeymoon), but I thought this post would be a good one to show what gifts we gave our parents as a big THANK YOU for getting us to this point.

I knitted our parents blankets.  I have been working on these blankets for more than a year, and I was thrilled when I finished them (granted that only happened 6 days ago).  Three blankets was a little bit too much to put on my plate, but they are done- and BEAUTIFUL (if I do say so myself…lol).

Here’s the blanket I made for my parents.  This is it over my bed, so it was a pretty big blanket.

I made the blanket in three different strips and then stitched them all together.

The first stitch was the easier with slip stitches pulled over, the second a cable (I taught myself cabling with the help of youtube), and then another fancy stitch (I can’t remember what it’s called since I made these strips over a year ago…).

my parents were married 30 years ago, someone made them a cream blanket that they still have today.  I thought it was appropriate to make them one for the start of my marriage too!

Blanket for Austin’s mom:

This blanket was done in a different orientation.  I cast on hundreds of stitches, so when the blanket was done, the strips were vertical instead of the traditional horizontal stripe.

Blanket for Austin’s dad:

I did Austin’s dad blanket in a modified rib in the manly colors of tan and brown :)
I hope that our parents really appreciate the gifts since there were made with lots of love!


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  1. Yasmeen Aug 12 at 8:41 am Reply

    Happy wedding day! My husband and I got married at the end of June, so I understand all the excitement and happiness you must be feeling right now (and the relief that all your planning has come together)!

    I hope you enjoyed every minute of it, and are spoiling yourselves with a honeymoon :)

  2. Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z Aug 13 at 4:13 am Reply

    What thoughtful and beautiful gifts for your parents! Best wishes on your wedding and for a happy life together

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