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Nov 25

Dirty Rice

It’s the last day of the cookbook giveaway, so let’s celebrate with another Southern Plate recipe– Dirty Rice. I used breakfast sausage, but you could also use ground beef or another type of seasoned sausage. I loved how flavorful this dish was from the meat and, of course, the Cajun seasoning. I didn’t estimate my rice portions very well, so… Continue reading

Creamy Chicken Skillet -- Food Ramblings
Nov 19

Creamy Chicken Skillet {Cookbook GIVEAWAY}

Who loves a delicious, easy dinner and a cookbook giveaway?!? I have both my hands raised high in the air– how ’bout you? We all know that I have a obsession with Christy Jordan and her blog, Southern Plate! My adaption of her Texas Straw Hat recipe was a success, and so was this Creamy Chicken Skillet. I have been… Continue reading

Texas Straw Hat -- Food Ramblings
Nov 14

Texas Straw Hat

Do you want an incredibly EASY meal that is full of flavor? Well, this is one of them! I have absolutely no why it’s called Texas Straw Hat besides for the fact that it could look like a straw hat…okay, now, it makes sense why it’s called a straw hat This recipe was adapted from Southern Plate. I added some… Continue reading

Chicken Salad -- Food Ramblings
Oct 03

Chicken Salad {Virtual Potluck for Christy}

A virtual potluck you say…what exactly does that mean? Well, a virtual potluck is when a group of bloggers come together, and each bring a dish to the party. I am coming together with a phenomenal group of bloggers in support of Christy Jordan of Southern Plate. Christy broke both of her legs, and you can read about her accident… Continue reading