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Apr 23

Apple-Stuffed Porkchops

One of my favorite meals is my apple-stuffed chicken— So when I needed a pork recipe, I looked no further than the adaptation of my famed chicken dish. It’s very easy to swap chicken for pork and still just as tasty. A great thing about this recipe is that is takes less than a half hour from start to table–… Continue reading

Jan 19

One-Pan Tuscan Pork

Does the picture above make your mouth water? I want to reach through the screen and eat the whole plate– even though I had Tuscan pork chops for dinner last night, I could definitely eat leftovers today I bought a ton of pork chops from Cosctco the other week, and I am really enjoying experimenting and trying new ways to… Continue reading

Honey and Apple Porkchops -- Food Ramblings
Oct 05

Honey Apple Porkchops

Are you looking for another easy, weeknight meal? I have one for you!! And it can all be cooked in just one skillet. Do I get a woo-hoo for easy clean-up? WOO-HOO. Okay, so I did it for you An extra something is required for a side dish…but it can also be easy with some microwave bag veggies and a… Continue reading