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Aug 19

Hot Sauce Pasta

Growing up, my brothers drenched EVERYTHING in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. For the longest time, as a result, I was completely adverse to everything with hot sauce. Luckily, I’ve come around. When my mom, cousin and two nieces came to visit, we made my cousin’s recipe for hot sauce pasta. I’ve had hot sauce pasta several times, and now I’m… Continue reading

sauce 2
Jul 14

Sauce and Grilled Sausage

Summer is the perfect time to grill and when the hubby really gets to cooking! He’ll be outside at the grill, and I’m normally inside with sides and the like. But with my mom’s sauce recipe, we used pasta and sauce as the base and just added the grilled sausage on top. Perfect, easy meal for the summer! And there… Continue reading

Jan 19

One-Pan Tuscan Pork

Does the picture above make your mouth water? I want to reach through the screen and eat the whole plate– even though I had Tuscan pork chops for dinner last night, I could definitely eat leftovers today I bought a ton of pork chops from Cosctco the other week, and I am really enjoying experimenting and trying new ways to… Continue reading

Jan 14

Chicken Parm Soup {slow cooker}

I crave pasta ALL the time. I adore the mix of noodles and sauce with melted cheese on top. But it’s still early 2015, so I need to eat just a little bit healthier….at least for now. It’s still early 2015 😉 While perusing Pinterest, I found a great recipe from Foxes Love Lemons for Chicken Parm Soup– in a slow… Continue reading

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Dec 12

One-Pot Shrimp and Elbow Pasta

Life has calmed down enough that I have been home before 8 pm every night this week- crazy right?!? Last night, I was home at 5:30. I feel like I have so much extra time on my hands. Well, at least enough time to make dinner. I’ve cleaned the pantry, and next up, I’ll be cleaning up the fridge. It’s… Continue reading

Oct 30

Beef and Pepper Pasta

I love a one-pot meal. If you’ve noticed, I make many of these. My most recent one (yes- weeks ago when I wasn’t traveling for work), I made a great one-pot dish. It was inspired from a recipe I posted in February (Spicy Sausage Pasta). Same style of recipe but a very different flavor profile. It was a hit in… Continue reading

Sep 08

Eggplant Parm Casserole

  Holy leftovers Batman! See these six containers above? This was after we ate 3-4 servings ourselves. So much food, and so delicious too. I bought a ton of eggplant at le Costco, so I had to think of many ways to make eggplant. It’s funny, but eggplant parm was not my first thought….but when it did come up, all… Continue reading

Aug 07

Spaghetti Parm {#CookbooksandCalphalon}

What made you fall in love with cooking?!? 15 other bloggers and me asked ourselves this question and decided to share favorite cookbokos and recipes. So maybe this is cheating a little, but there wasn’t one cookbook that was the be-all-end-all for me growing up. At least not a “professional” one. The trusty Betty Crocker cookbook was how I first… Continue reading

Jun 17

Cajun Goulash

My freezer is stocked with ground beef. I feel like every time I open that door, a brick of frozen ground beef comes flying out at me. It could be because this happened twice YESTERDAY! As you know, I buy in bulk and often forget what I have waiting for me. Sometimes, I get stuck in a rut with ground… Continue reading

May 12

Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce aka Chicken Cavallari

There are days when all I need is pasta, and I mean NEED! I knew I wanted a pink sauce, but since my go-to Trader Joe’s vodka sauce was MIA in my pantry, I decided to make it from scratch. Austin was super impressed and dubbed the meal Chicken Cavallari. The recipe  was heavily adapted from the Pioneer Woman, but… Continue reading