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Apr 30

Cornbread Skillet

I am obsessed with cornbread– how about you?!?  I could eat plates and plates of it, so when I think about dinner, how can I not think about cornbread in it? I found and then adapted this recipe from Buns in My Oven— cornbread + ground beef + cheese = perfection. It was an amazing dinner– the best part is that… Continue reading

Mar 02

Chicken Enchilada Roll-ups {Secret Recipe Club}

So I have two exciting things to talk about today! Number one….drum roll please… My husband and I bought a house! We are so excited. The above picture is one that we took during the most recent snow storm. The road to our new house was snow-covered, so we had to park at the end and then hike through the… Continue reading

Aug 22

Taco Stromboli

  I came home tonight with every intention of making mexican pizza. But when I started layering all the goodies on top of the piiza dough, I knew it would be a pizza disaster if I cooked it as a pizza– pick up one slice, and we’re toast. By toast, I mean mexican pizza toppings EVERYWHERE. What was I to… Continue reading

May 27

Mexican Potato Casserole

I’m on the healthy train again– well, healthier train. I’ve pulled out all my Weight Watchers cookbooks and decided that I’m going to cook adaptations of the recipes. I’m not going to worry if the recipe recommends fat-free of low-fat (and will completely ignore if the recipe says fat-free cheese because that is just gross!). I want to eat the… Continue reading

May 07

Beef & Broccoli Rice Enchiladas

I cam home from work the other night and just needed a simple meal. I stock up on Knorr rice sides when they are 10 for $1 for this very reason. As I was getting ready ot make the rice, I looked at the recipe on the back of the bag– Beef & Broccoli Rice Enchiladas. I was intrigued, especially… Continue reading

Apr 11

Mexican Chicken Casserole

I’m writing this post right after finishing just one serving of mexican chicken casserole, and I am STUFFED. This huge casserole had eight servings, and both Austin and I felt very satisfied and full after eating just one– and that is a huge feat in our household The recipe was adapted from a very old Cooking Light recipe, so it was even healthy-ish… Continue reading

Texas Straw Hat -- Food Ramblings
Nov 14

Texas Straw Hat

Do you want an incredibly EASY meal that is full of flavor? Well, this is one of them! I have absolutely no why it’s called Texas Straw Hat besides for the fact that it could look like a straw hat…okay, now, it makes sense why it’s called a straw hat This recipe was adapted from Southern Plate. I added some… Continue reading

Aug 05

Enchiladas {Secret Recipe Club}

Last week, I had mexican food four different times. Moe’s for $5 Monday, Spinach Enchiladas on Tuesday at our favorite mexican restaurant, another mexican place for lunch with co-workers, and Chipolte for dinner on Thursday. So when it came to making my recipe for the Secret Recipe Club, the choice was obviously mexican food. I have been paired up with… Continue reading

Mar 27

Chicken Spinach Enchiladas Verde

Every feel like your life is too busy, and you’re always on the go?  Us too! We used to cook at home every night and then spend evenings hanging out on the couch.  Now, it’s rare for us to have a night where all we do is spend it with each other.  We run from the gym to meetings to… Continue reading

Jan 25

Enchilada Casserole

Sorry for my week of being MIA– sometimes one ball has to drop for a minute.  Sorry it had to be the blog…darn job getting in the way Now onto food…. Let’s make it healthy– that’s my new motto.  I am still going to cook and eat what I want, just substitute healthier ingredients for unhealthier ones or use less… Continue reading