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Mar 03

Honey-Peanut Butter Cheerio Bites

  My baby bear is two month old– I can’t even believe it! So, I haven’t even had a welcome baby post or show you my nursery, but I promise it will come. At some point. Until then, you can find me sitting on the couch smiling at baby and being thrilled that he is smiling and cooing back. I’m… Continue reading

Nov 13

Honey-Drizzled Roasted Vegetables Over Polenta

As Austin cooks more (as I am more stressed by everyday life), he is getting creative, and I am eating well! The other night, he went into the kitchen with no plan, and came out with this– look below!       Amazing right?!? I think so! He roasted veggies and toasted walnuts and served it over fried polenta. And… Continue reading

Jul 01

Honey Apple Quinoa

‘Tis the season to grill– so we have been grilling everything for dinner. Fish, steaks, chicken, hot dogs– everything and anything. But with the main part of the meal being cooked by the hubby outside, I needed to step up my side dish game. We love quinoa, polenta, and couscous, so most of our summer meals have one of these… Continue reading

Honey and Apple Porkchops -- Food Ramblings
Oct 05

Honey Apple Porkchops

Are you looking for another easy, weeknight meal? I have one for you!! And it can all be cooked in just one skillet. Do I get a woo-hoo for easy clean-up? WOO-HOO. Okay, so I did it for you An extra something is required for a side dish…but it can also be easy with some microwave bag veggies and a… Continue reading