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Jul 29

Grilling Round Up

Here are some of my FAVORITE grill recipes that have been cooked up on Food Ramblings! Check out the recipes, and let us know what you look the best White Wine Chicken with Honey Glaze Ribs Shrimp Skewers Grilled Avocados with Salsa

Aug 13

Simple Shrimp Skewers

I have an obsession with shrimp. At my cousin’s beautiful wedding last weekend, I stationed myself in from of the shrimp appetizers until my hubby had to take my arm and walk me away. I can’t help it- I love shrimp. You don’t need to season up shrimp too much (or at all), and it’s delicious. In the summer, shrimp… Continue reading

Ribs Food Ramblings
Aug 27


Think about the most romantic dinner you’ve had….. are you picturing it? Were you picturing messy ribs? Well, if you weren’t, you should Austin and I got a new grill a couple weeks ago, and we have been obsessed with grilling everything! It has all these awesome features that Austin wants to make sure to try out. One of the… Continue reading

Aug 15

White Wine Chicken with Honey Glaze

If summer never ended, I would be completely okay with that. Yes, it’s a bazillion degrees in Virginia, and I wouldn’t mind if it was less humid, but I LOVE grilled foods. Growing up, my mom would grill throughout the year– yes, we would clean the snow off the grill cover before grilling dinner. Austin and I, however, are not… Continue reading