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May 05

Cheddar Chive Shortbread

  I’m a little behind the ball– posting day was yesterday But life happens, and making my treats for the Leftovers Club was a little delayed. I was paired again with the amazing Faye from Live…Bake…Love… And of course, she is on top of her game. I love all the goodies that she sends me! Last time, she sent me… Continue reading

Oct 14

Bacon-Parmesan Crusted Chicken

As I traveled through the Charlotte airport (for the hundredth time this fall), I saw the world’s best shirt. There was an outline of a pig, with body by bacon written inside. I was in love. So I bought it to save as a Christmas present for someone (guess who?!?), and then had bacon on the brain. When I made… Continue reading

Hamburger Cups - Food Ramblings
Oct 10

Hamburger Cups

Hello from Sunny Florida! I’m getting a bit back in the swing of things for posting on the blog. On the road, I eat a lot of good and then some not-so good meals…but when I’m home (for a couple days at a time), I don’t eat super well. Monday, I had a fruit leather for Tuesday. Tuesday, it was… Continue reading

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Mar 12

Cheesy Sausage Tortellini

Happy Hump Day! I’m craving pasta- how about you?!? On our most recent trip to Costco, Austin found the world’s biggest container of frozen tortellini. We, of course, bought it and now gorge ourselves on this cheese-filled pasta. One of the first tortellini pasta dishes we made (besides for with butter or marinara sauce) was this cheesy sausage tortellini adapted… Continue reading

italian mac and cheese -- food ramblings
Mar 07

Italian Baked Mac and Cheese

I’ve gotten off the eating healthy train for a little while now, but when food is super rich but so, so delicious, can you really blame me? I have been working out (and now if I don’t work out, I feel extra lethargic), and I feel that my workouts can at least counteract what I am eating. I saw this… Continue reading

Jun 19

Ricotta Shrimp Over Polenta

Just looking at the pictures of this meal makes me drool. I licked the plate clean!! I love shrimp, cheese, and polenta, so this was a fun recipe to create and especially to eat. When Austin and I were dating long-distance, almost every time Austin came to visit, we ate a meal similar to these– the original recipe came from… Continue reading

Feb 20

Cheese and Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Who doesn’t love food with cheese and broccoli? ¬†I mean, I know I do. ¬†Growing up, it was a HUGE treat when my mom would get the boxes of rice from Uncle Ben’s that were cheese and broccoli flavored. Fast forward 10-15 years, and I am still craving anything cheese and broccoli and mixing up my grain choice. Adapted from… Continue reading