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Mar 03

Honey-Peanut Butter Cheerio Bites

  My baby bear is two month old– I can’t even believe it! So, I haven’t even had a welcome baby post or show you my nursery, but I promise it will come. At some point. Until then, you can find me sitting on the couch smiling at baby and being thrilled that he is smiling and cooing back. I’m… Continue reading

Feb 05

Red Velvet Brownie Bites {Leftovers Club}

It’s the first Thursday of the month– must be time for the Leftovers Club! And since it’s February, I imagine that many of the recipes you’ll see below will be VALENTINE’S DAY themed. Well, at least mine is I was paired with Johanna from Notes from a Messy Kitchen. This was the second time we were paired. Last time, I… Continue reading