Globular Hat {Knitting}

Jan 10

So time to share another obsession of mine– besides for cooking and baking.

It’s knitting! I took a class at the craft center on my college’s campus, and I have been hooked ever since. My favorite site for patterns is Ravelry. It’s a knitting and crocheting community, and I have gotten loads of patterns for the site. I mostly knit baby stuff since they are small and don’t take a long time.

For my wedding, I made three blankets– one for my parents, one for Austin’s mom, and one for his mom. You can see them here!

And I also knit a lot of hats. Knitting hats are pretty easy for me– they are quick and depending on the pattern, they go even quicker.

Some days, I just want to sit in front of the tv (well, that’s most days). So when I knit while watching tv, I feel like I am at least being a little productive. My latest hat is called Globular. I got the pattern from Ravelry, and the author’s name is Inka Kling. Here’s her blog link. The blog isn’t in English, but you can translate and get some other great patterns.



Here’s a closeup of the hat– it’s just a mix of knitting and purling. Fairly simple if you knit, and it was made on round needles. And I think the hubby looks pretty good :)


I’ll be sharing more knitting on the blog this year-let me know if you like what I have made :)


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