Getting Ready for the Holidays

Dec 16

The holiday season– what a great time of year to do fun things with family and friends.  I’ve had quite a busy month, as I’m sure you have had too, but I wanted to update y’all (yes, I live in the south and fully embrace the y’all!) on what I’ve been up to!

December 1 was the Williamsburg Christmas parade– more than 100 floats were there, and it was a blast.  We decorated the float the night before, and paint does not dry when it’s cold outside ;( so we were all covered in paint the night before, people even got paint on them the day of the parade…whoops!

I have never said Merry Christmas so many times in a row, and I was able to bring Holmes (a version of Flat Stanley) to the parade before I sent him back to his school in California.




That weekend, we also trimmed our tree.  I’m in love with our tree.  When I studied abroad, I bought ornaments from every country I went to, and this was the first time I could display them.  We also had all of Austin’s ornaments from growing up, and I love seeing the ornaments he made as a little boy on a tree.


Next up was decorating cookies with my friends.  Instead of baking and decorating by myself, I had six of my girlfriends come over.  I made the dough ahead of time, but together we cut out the cookies, baked them, and frosted them.  We are not the best frosters, but it was fun!  We also had a gift exchange– it was meant to be a white elephant exchange with good presents, but no stealing happened.

Here are our awesome cookies.  Pros, right?

photo (3) photo (4)

Now, only a week or so to Christmas.  Still lots of things to enjoy!  Like my favorite holiday/everyday movie, wine with a holiday sweater on, and a balsam candle that makes me thing we have a real tree.


Are you ready for the Holidays?  What’s the favorite thing you’ve done so far?

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  1. Looks like you’ve had a joyful holiday season so far, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Baking Serendipity Dec 17 at 1:08 am Reply

    I love holiday baking parties :) My mom came over today to bake cookies. After five years of living out of state, it was definitely my favorite part of the season. It’s so good to be back with family!

    • Elizabeth Dec 17 at 3:47 am Reply

      Glad your family could come visit– baking with mom is the best :)

  3. So cute! I’ve been collecting ornaments from the places I travel too! It such a neat way to remember them by. Happy Holidays!

    • Elizabeth Dec 17 at 1:38 pm Reply

      It’s great way to remember travels– and makes the tree so much more festive :)

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