DIY Recovering Chair Pads

Oct 17

About two year ago, I was in the search of the perfect china cabinet– used of course. And I found it right around the corner from my house. And for what I was willing to spend on the china cabinet, I was able to also purchase the matching dining table and six chairs.

I love having a matching set, and I know I’ll have it forever; however, the chair pads were driving me CRAZY. They were in good condition, but not quite my style. See below….


See what I mean? So I went in search of the perfect fabric. I love geometric prints, but I still wanted to get something neutral enough that I wouldn’t have to recover the chairs when we move (hopefully this summer). I found the perfect print online at Joann Fabric’s for less than $10 a yard. It is indoor-outdoor fabric, so even though it probably didn’t need it, I waterproofed the fabric in hopes that it will never stain.


The hardest part was removing the existing chairpad from the chair frame. We actually had to take the legs off the chair to unscrew the chair pad. It was a pain at first, but then it went really quickly.


Another difficult part, especially for me, since I lack patience sometimes, was cutting the fabric. Each piece had to be cut the same, so the pattern was consistent. And then we had to center the fabric on the pad when we stapled gun the fabric. That way, each chair will look exactly the same. Thank goodness my Mom was there to help/make sure everything was perfect!


Above is a picture of my mom and the first finished chair paid. I LOVE IT! The pattern looks awesome, and it makes the whole dining room look more modern. See the difference below? It’s huge to me, and it makes me so happy to eat at the dining room table and sit on these great chair pads!


And here’s the first finished chair– with the pad on and the chair legs screwed back in. Such a sucess! And less than $40 for the whole project. Woo hoo!


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