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Aug 04

Happy Anniversary!

Where did the time go? Two years ago, I married an amazing man….and while a lot has changed over the past two years, I love Austin just as much as when we got married….maybe more He’s away at a conference today, but a bouquet of beautiful flowers just arrived to say happy anniversary to me! Here’s what I got him–… Continue reading

Ribs Food Ramblings
Aug 27


Think about the most romantic dinner you’ve had….. are you picturing it? Were you picturing messy ribs? Well, if you weren’t, you should Austin and I got a new grill a couple weeks ago, and we have been obsessed with grilling everything! It has all these awesome features that Austin wants to make sure to try out. One of the… Continue reading

Jul 30

Rehearsal Dinner Cupcakes

My brother got married married to weeks ago to an amazing, wonderful woman! I am so lucky to have a new sister in the family. For their rehearsal dinner, Austin and I made cupcakes.   Lots and lots of cupcakes– 75 to be exact! We used three different box mixes- fudge chocolate, french vanilla, and red velvet. I found the… Continue reading

May 10

Teacup Candles

This is another summer of weddings– we have five to go to, and I  am lucky to be in two of them. One is my best friend from college (Kristie) and the other is my brother’s. With all the weddings, I have been doing lots of crafting My favorite craft project so far this wedding season has been teacup candles!… Continue reading

Sep 06

Wedding Surprise

Two days ago, Austin and I celebrated our one-month anniversary.  To celebrate, we ate at our favorite lunch place (with a gift certificate we received as a wedding gift), and I made asparagus lasagna (recipe to come next week on the blog– get ready!).  It was a great way to spend time together and touch base since our world has… Continue reading

Aug 04

Wedding Day!

Today is the day!  Austin and I are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think enough exclamation points can let you know how excited I am.  Pictures will be up soon enough (well, after the honeymoon), but I thought this post would be a good one to show what gifts we gave our parents as a big THANK YOU for getting us to this… Continue reading

Jul 30

Spoiled Bride- Final Edition

What makes me so the most spoiled bride?  It’s because I’m marrying Austin.  I know, uber sappy– but at the end of the day, the most important thing about being a bride is that I get to be Austin’s wife Austin and I have been together for almost five years, and I cannot imagine my life without him.  We met… Continue reading

Jul 23

Spoiled Bride, Part 5

The parties have all ended….I have had in all 4 bridal showers and 2 bachelorette parties.  I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life who want to celebrate my upcoming marriage. Here are some pictures from the first and last bridal showers (hosted by my Austin’s mother and my amazing boss!): 1/2 of my bridesmaids Don’t… Continue reading

Jul 16

Spoiled Bride, Part 4

At the end of June, my wonderful friends had a bachelorette party for me!   I’m in Virginia, but many of them are in the northeast, so two short plan rides (and a sprint from one gate to another during a 40 minute turned 5 minute layover) had me safely arrive in Hartford, CT. My friends had a whole evening… Continue reading

Jul 09

Spoiled Bride, Part 3

Spoiled Bride, Parts 1-3 all came from the same weekend.  We had the bachelorette party Friday, Shower #2 Saturday, and Shower #3 Sunday.  The aunt’s on my mom’s side threw me this shower. My mom is one of ten children, so I have lots and lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  I was so touched to see how many of… Continue reading