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What's wrong with this picture? The big boy has the bottle and the baby with the Dt Pepsi :)
Jul 27

My Month in Pictures

Finally did my first iPhone dump, and wow- I’ve had a busy few months. Just in July, I was home in Buffalo and traveled to DC, Philly, and NC for work. I am finally home for a few weeks and thought I would update y’all on my travels. Like seeing my pictures? Then follow me on instagram!

Sep 25

Green Leaf’s and a Giveaway

  I have been a little MIA lately because travel season has begun in the wonderful world of Admissions!  I really do love traveling for work– seeing new places, catching up with friends– but the thing I hate is how I can’t eat healthy.  Well, I guess I can, but it’s so hard on the road, especially in airports. Some… Continue reading

Jul 27

Founding Farmers

Almost two months ago, I was in DC for a conference.  We went to the zoo, I ate at Mike Isabella’s restaurant (you’ve heard all this before in previous posts), but I left out another tasty restaurant right in the heart of DC. Founding Farmers.  The restaurant is eco-friendly, it is owned by a collective of American family farmers, and… Continue reading

Mar 21

Red, White, and Brew (Wine on Highway 151)– Part 3

Along Highway 151 in Nelson County, there are over a dozen wineries and breweries.  We went to about half of the wineries and could have spend another couple days there to visit them all. The first one was Veritas, and they were open at 10 am! The next one was Afton Mountain, and we drove on a 1 1/2 lane… Continue reading

Mar 19

Food in Nelson County– Part 2

Yum– that pretty sums up everything about the food we had during our mid-week weekend.  Every meal was better than the last. First dinner was at the Blue Toad Pub.  It was right down the road from the Inn.  They had bottled beer representing every state, but of course, we got beer that was brewed right down the street at… Continue reading

Mar 03

tawanna Thai

I have an obsession with thai food– but when I say thai food, I mean very generic and americanized pad thai and curry.  So delicious and minimally spicy.  Whenever I travel, I want to get more of the authentic thing.  In LA last week, I was able to spend some in the Miracle Mile area, eat delicious thai food with… Continue reading

Feb 27

Where have I been all week?

Apologies are in order.  I have completely MIA for almost a week, and I am sorry.  I let you all know about my misadventures about In N Out burger, and I am sorry to say that I never got one of those delicious burgers.  I guess the Weight Watchers fairy was looking out for me… I did a three-day whirlwind… Continue reading

Jan 29

Great way to spend a Saturday…

Today was a combination of being busy and then doing absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful! First up was a trip to Movie Tavern– the coolest movie theater ever.  The seats are big office chairs, and they roll up to a back-lit table.  The place offers a full menu of good and reasonably priced food (in addition to the typical popcorn… Continue reading

Jan 21

Food…Colorado Style

While the best part of last weekend’s trip was seeing our awesome friends, the food came in at a very close second  Weight watchers points be damned- the food was so worth blowing all my daily points and my bonus weekly points.  I was 20 in the hole by the end of the weekend… Saturday morning started off with with… Continue reading

Jan 19

Activity Points Galore!

The weekend in Colorado lived up to and exceeded expectations– I did more physical activity than I did in a long, long time, and I’m still sore sitting here writing this post 2 days later… Day 1 included a hike at 6,850 feet.  Not only am I a little out of shape, but the lack of oxygen and the elevation… Continue reading