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May 05

Cheddar Chive Shortbread

  I’m a little behind the ball– posting day was yesterday But life happens, and making my treats for the Leftovers Club was a little delayed. I was paired again with the amazing Faye from Live…Bake…Love… And of course, she is on top of her game. I love all the goodies that she sends me! Last time, she sent me… Continue reading

Jan 22

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

A couple weeks into the New Year. How are you doing with your resolutions? I’m staying fairly on track– gym this morning, and I am currently still full of energy. I may crash this afternoon, but perhaps then a second cup of coffee will do the trick to keep me going the rest of the day. Since I’m on the straight… Continue reading

zucchini fritters 2
Dec 01

Zucchini Fritters {Secret Recipe Club}

  Hello December 1! How is it December already?!? I had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with my family. We spent today at the Buffalo Bills game and recreated a photo we took eight years ago.   I think we’re still looking pretty good! But maybe I’m a little biased This month for the Secret Recipe Club I was matched with Andrea… Continue reading

Aug 09

Black Bean Quinoa

The best thing in the summer is a good side dish! Austin normally grills, so the sides are up to me! Sometimes, I find it hard to keep up the variety- but changing up the spices using really similar ingredients always helps! For this recipe, slightly adapted from 12 Tomatoes, I used cumin and chili powder…it reminded me of the very… Continue reading

Jul 10

Strawberry Apple Bread {leftovers club}

This is a week of reveals! First, Secret Recipe Club and now the Leftovers Club. And JULY is the one year anniversary of my involvement with the Leftovers Club. It’s been a great year of getting to know AMAZING bloggers all over the country and to receive delicious baked goods each month– what could be better?!? This month, I was… Continue reading

Jul 01

Honey Apple Quinoa

‘Tis the season to grill– so we have been grilling everything for dinner. Fish, steaks, chicken, hot dogs– everything and anything. But with the main part of the meal being cooked by the hubby outside, I needed to step up my side dish game. We love quinoa, polenta, and couscous, so most of our summer meals have one of these… Continue reading

Jun 11

Apple Cheddar Biscuits

On stressful days, I bake and cook. And yesterday was stressful….I made a HUGE dinner, but the stress wasn’t gone quite yet. I had pinned these biscuits from Baked by Rachel ages ago, and I finally had all the ingredients and plenty of time to relieve stress. I’m SOOO happy that I made them- dense but still moist (worst word ever)… Continue reading

Jun 02

Tomato and Zucchini Gratin {Secret Recipe Club}

This month for the Secret Recipe Club I was matched with Della Cucina Provera. I loved exploring Francesca’s blog. Her recipes look delicious– and she says that she is inspired by a Tuscan way of life. “It’s about simple, seasonal ingredients and forgiving measurements.” I can absolutely get behind that! I chose to make a Zucchini + Tomato Gratin– it was so… Continue reading

Apr 29

Sausage Pinwheels

What is a staple in your house? For some, it’s chicken or bread or peanut butter. For us, it’s Italian sausage. Whenever it’s on sale, I stock up and fill up the freezer. Whenever we’re unsure what to cook, we defrost some Italian sausage and go from there. Sometimes, like last night, we make appetizers for dinner. These sausage pinwheels… Continue reading

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Apr 17

Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup {Slow Cooker}

Hello hello! Boy, am I happy to be writing for you! Guess what I’ve been doing while I’ve been away the past week or so? Did you guess working? Then, you’re right! I love my job– love it! But I knew I needed to get back in the kitchen when the hubby made us a frozen pizza for two days… Continue reading