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Aug 07

Spaghetti Parm {#CookbooksandCalphalon}

What made you fall in love with cooking?!? 15 other bloggers and me asked ourselves this question and decided to share favorite cookbokos and recipes. So maybe this is cheating a little, but there wasn’t one cookbook that was the be-all-end-all for me growing up. At least not a “professional” one. The trusty Betty Crocker cookbook was how I first… Continue reading

Jun 17

Cajun Goulash

My freezer is stocked with ground beef. I feel like every time I open that door, a brick of frozen ground beef comes flying out at me. It could be because this happened twice YESTERDAY! As you know, I buy in bulk and often forget what I have waiting for me. Sometimes, I get stuck in a rut with ground… Continue reading

May 12

Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce aka Chicken Cavallari

There are days when all I need is pasta, and I mean NEED! I knew I wanted a pink sauce, but since my go-to Trader Joe’s vodka sauce was MIA in my pantry, I decided to make it from scratch. Austin was super impressed and dubbed the meal Chicken Cavallari. The recipe ¬†was heavily adapted from the Pioneer Woman, but… Continue reading

Apr 23

Tex Mex Spaghetti Squash

My best friend, Kristie, came to visit over a month ago (has it been a month since she visited, and I am just posting this now?!? Wow, I’m way too busy….), and we made a great spaghetti squash dish! I have no idea where the recipe came from, whether a cookbook or from her own invention, but it was absolutely… Continue reading

Apr 21

Polenta Bake

Who doesn’t love polenta? I am a huge fan- I never had polenta and actually didn’t know it existed (yes, I am 100% Italian…) until visiting a friend’s grandparents’ home in college. One bite, and I was in love! Add sausage and cheese and veggies, and I’m in heaven. This version of Polenta Bake is very loosely based on a… Continue reading

Apr 01

Mom’s Meatballs

My favorite, favorite family meal was/is my mom’s homemade pasta, sauce, and meatballs. She would make a HUGE pot of sauce and trays and trays of meatballs. We would eat meal one on Sunday and then continue to eat pasta or many other variations with the sauce and meatballs. It would get better and better with each meal. The sauce… Continue reading

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Mar 12

Cheesy Sausage Tortellini

Happy Hump Day! I’m craving pasta- how about you?!? On our most recent trip to Costco, Austin found the world’s biggest container of frozen tortellini. We, of course, bought it and now gorge ourselves on this cheese-filled pasta. One of the first tortellini pasta dishes we made (besides for with butter or marinara sauce) was this cheesy sausage tortellini adapted… Continue reading

italian mac and cheese -- food ramblings
Mar 07

Italian Baked Mac and Cheese

I’ve gotten off the eating healthy train for a little while now, but when food is super rich but so, so delicious, can you really blame me? I have been working out (and now if I don’t work out, I feel extra lethargic), and I feel that my workouts can at least counteract what I am eating. I saw this… Continue reading

Beef Risotto 2 -- Food Ramblings
Feb 11

Beef & Beer Risotto

Cooking with beer makes me feel a bit like a rebel. There’s something about adding alcohol to a pot of risotto that seems so wrong but also so right. And when you taste the risotto, you will know it’s the right decision I love cooking with beer- change the beer and the whole flavoring of the dish changes. I prefer… Continue reading

Zuppa Toscana -- Food Ramblings
Feb 07

Zuppa Toscana {Olive Garden Copycat}

The Olive Garden is one of my favorite places! I don’t know there often, but when I do, I devour the unlimited salad, breadsticks, and the zuppa toscana soup. Yum! Spicy, hearty, and delicious.   I used five or six different recipes to create mine, and my version tastes so close to the original, but I feel like it’s a… Continue reading