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Nov 10

Breakfast Scramble

Austin has been cooking a lot recently- thank goodness. I am impossibly overwhelmed, and he has stepped up completely as I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So this week, both recipes have been made by my talented cook of a husband. First up, breakfast scramble! He adapted this recipe from Taste of Home, and… Continue reading

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Sep 04

Cookie Butter Banana Bread {Leftovers Club}

September is here, and work has started to get extra crazy (it’s always a little crazy). Fall travel season has started! I am currently in Knoxville, Tennessee, and my treats for my leftovers club partner were also the perfect travel snack. I made cookie butter banana bread, and this great recipe is from Girl Versus Dough. I was so happy… Continue reading

Jun 11

Apple Cheddar Biscuits

On stressful days, I bake and cook. And yesterday was stressful….I made a HUGE dinner, but the stress wasn’t gone quite yet. I had pinned these biscuits from Baked by Rachel ages ago, and I finally had all the ingredients and plenty of time to relieve stress. I’m SOOO happy that I made them- dense but still moist (worst word ever)… Continue reading

Apr 07

Easy Garlic Rolls {Secret Recipe Club}

For this month’s Secret Recipe Club, I was paired with Trisha, my first international Secret Recipe Club partner. It was a surprise to see her recipe instructions to preheat the oven to 180 degrees– and then I realized it was in Celsius I made these awesome Easy Garlic Rolls from Trisha’s blog, My Hobbie Lobbie. They live up to the title-… Continue reading

Feb 19

Breakfast Crescent Puffs

Guess who is making another recipe in a crescent roll and has two thumbs? This girl! I was attempting to make dinner with almost no food in the fridge– so I decided on breakfast for dinner. Already delicious, right? Then, I found a package of crescent rolls. If you could have seen me in that moment; I was smiling like… Continue reading

Feb 03

French Toast Casserole {Secret Recipe Club Reveal}

I love the beginning of the month. Why you ask? Well, it’s because of the Secret Recipe Club. SRC members get matched with another blogger, but you don’t know who that person is until the Reveal Day. This month, I was matched with Anna from bcmom’s kitchen. I love the into on her blog: “In this age of fast food and busy schedules,… Continue reading

Asparagus and Eggs -- Food Ramblings
Nov 04

Asparagus and Eggs {Secret Recipe Club Reveal}

Most of my meals are pretty Americana, but I am actually 100% Italian. No, I don’t speak any Italian, but my mom has one amazing recipe for homemade sauce When I was paired up with Italian Cooking in the Midwest, I was pretty excited, so I could make something more authentic. When I saw the post for Asparagus and Eggs, I… Continue reading

Breakfast Sandwich -- Food Ramblings
Oct 14

Breakfast Sandwich {GIVEAWAY}

Do you have a favorite gadget at home? Our new favorite one is the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker. I found this randomly on the internet (thanks Amazon!) last spring and got it for Austin’s birthday. Even though it was his birthday present, Austin makes me breakfast sandwiches for me much more often than I do for him… It’s the most… Continue reading

Aug 29

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Growing up, I would cook pancakes almost every weekend. My siblings loved my chocolate chip pancakes, especially my baby sister (although she’s 19 now, so maybe not a baby anymore….). There was a much higher proportion of chocolate chips than any other ingredient, but they were definitely a real crowd pleaser among my family. So when I was home and… Continue reading

Jul 23

Chocolate Waffles

I could eat breakfast food for all three meals of the day– or I could make dessert for breakfast We received a double waffle maker as a shower present, and it is wonderful– but it makes waffles for an army and not just two people.   So, not only did I make regular waffles but also chocolate ones! We had… Continue reading