Cabled Blanket {Knitting}

Feb 20

Excited to read about another knitting project?

This blanket I made for a work colleague at another law school. I always have a knitting project, but normally I do not have a person in mind for that project.

Come over to my house, and you’ll find a big plastic storage bin of done knitting projects. But this blanket, I specifically made for Matt and Stephanie’s little boy (due in March)!


Cables are pretty easy to do– they look difficult, but they are not. I promise. For this blanket, I used a regular knit stitch around the edges, and then alternating bringing the extra needle front and back, depending on which direction I wanted the cable to go.


Click here┬áto go a cable tutorial. I hope my friend’s new baby can snuggle up with this blanket :)


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