Best Holiday Drink– Cider!

Dec 21

Looking for a festive holiday drink this year?  You should really look no further than Angry Orchard Hard Cider— when I studied abroad in London, I drank cider all the time.

It is delicious, and my friend Trish at Olive Oil Overdose is also a huge fan.  She reviews ciders she drinks, and Angry Orchard Hard Ciders seems to be some of her favorites!  When I had the opportunity, to taste their three ciders:

  • Traditional Dry
  • Crisp Apple
  • Apple Ginger

Austin’s favorite was the traditional dry, and I loved the apple ginger.  It was delicious all on its own, but there are some ways to make the drink much more festive without having to do much….I’m all over that!


There are some great simple ways– we put the cider in wine glasses, pilsner glasses, and martini glasses.  Rim the glasses with brown sugar, and even stick a peppermint stick in the drink for extra holiday spirit and for some peppermint flavor in the cider.  This was a perfect drink!

It went very well with our great holiday dinner. I love decorating for the holidays with my new decorations and my grandma’s holiday tablecloth and napkins, and my mom’s old glass– wonderful way to think of them during the holiday season :)


But if you wanted to make a new drink with Angry Orchard Hard Cider, check out their facebook page to see what their mixologist has come up with! Enjoy the holidays with fun and festive libations :)


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  1. Huh, I’ve never heard of them – I’ll have to try them out! Apple ginger sounds awesome :)

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