A Break

Nov 09

It’s been over a month since I posted and probably over a month since I made more than a frozen lasagna and a grilled cheese. What has happened?!? I used to LOVE to cook a new and different meal almost every night, but now I am just too tired.

Last Thursday marked 32 weeks in my pregnancy– 8 months down, 2┬ámore to go. The home stretch– I’m excited but also terrified!

The Bump and the Great Salt Lake at 32 weeks

The Bump and the Great Salt Lake at 32 weeks

I’ve been all over for work over the past couple months– NY, IL, PA, IN, WI, CA, FL, MA– and maybe some other places, and finally I’m home. It’s been a wonderful travel season with amazing colleagues, but I am so grateful to be sleeping in my own bed with mounds of pillows around me and under the bump.

Work is good but busy, and I’m still way over programmed outside the office, and something had to give. Unfortunately, that has been the blog. I’m sorry– I wish I was posting more. I wish I wanted to cook and post more. So as you can imagine, it’s time for a break. I’m sure I’ll be popping up with posts throughout the holidays, but I just can’t commit to posting on a regular basis. I hope you understand and still tune in when I’m ready to come back with a baby in tow.


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