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Apr 23

Apple-Stuffed Porkchops

One of my favorite meals is my apple-stuffed chicken– So when I needed a pork recipe, I looked no further than the adaptation of my famed chicken dish. It’s very easy to swap chicken for pork and still just as tasty. A great thing about this recipe is that is takes less than a half hour from start to table–… Continue reading

Apr 16

Chuck Roast BBQ {slow cooker}

Yum….bbq! I could have everything doused in barbecue sauce and be a happy camper. Since we are moving soon, I am trying to cook EVERYTHING that we have in the freezer. I found a vacuum-sealed chuck roast and knew what I had to do– cook it in the slow cooker and cover in it barbecue sauce. So I did, and… Continue reading

Apr 08

Pine Forest Blanket {knitting}

You all know how much I love knitting, but until very recently, I just haven’t been in the mood I’ve justbeen overwhelmed by work and getting stuff together for the new house, and I’ve really missed knitting. So, I grabbed a ball of yarn out of my craft bin and searched Ravelry Look at the pattern I found, and what… Continue reading

Apr 06

Chunky Apple Cinnamon Muffins {Secret Recipe Club}

How was your Easter? Mine was great! Early am service– with plenty of seats to spare, and we got there late, great brunch with friends, started packing for the big move, and then dinner with our Williamsburg family . And, of course, I made these amazing chunky apple cinnamon muffins!   I was assigned to Chit Chat Chomp this month for… Continue reading

Apr 02

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Bread {the leftovers club}

Happy Spring! And yay for finally coming back to the blog. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with life– stress from well, everything, and cooking just hasn’t been on my agenda. SOOOO sorry! But I’m back; hopefully for good. When you see my recipe for this month’s recipe club, you would think I am saying Welcome FALL. There’s something about fall… Continue reading

Mar 05

March Leftovers Club Reveal!

I am thrilled to say that this edition of the Leftovers Club is coming from SUNNY southern California. I am here for work/visiting my sister and friends and am loving my trip so far. Since I’m not at home, I didn’t have a partner this month, but we have SIX amazing bloggers coming your way! Here they are: Shaina at… Continue reading

Mar 02

Chicken Enchilada Roll-ups {Secret Recipe Club}

So I have two exciting things to talk about today! Number one….drum roll please… My husband and I bought a house! We are so excited. The above picture is one that we took during the most recent snow storm. The road to our new house was snow-covered, so we had to park at the end and then hike through the… Continue reading

Feb 24

Cheeseburger Macaroni

We had a snow day last week. I love snow day– I guess I could be doing work in my pajamas, but why?!? So instead, I went outside and played in the snow, took a hot shower (and it burned because I was so cold), and made a great comfort meal– cheeseburger macaroni. The recipe is from Kevin and Amanda…. Continue reading

Feb 23

In a Cooking Rut? Check out These Cookbooks for Inspiration!

It’s easy to get stuck in a culinary rut when you’re cooking at home! I know it happens to me. However, by flicking through the pages of some of the best cookbooks around, you should find all the inspiration you need to mix things up in the kitchen. Here are four cook books that I have been exploring recently and loving what… Continue reading

Feb 20

Cabled Blanket {Knitting}

Excited to read about another knitting project? This blanket I made for a work colleague at another law school. I always have a knitting project, but normally I do not have a person in mind for that project. Come over to my house, and you’ll find a big plastic storage bin of done knitting projects. But this blanket, I specifically… Continue reading