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Dec 19
porkchop (2)

Buffalo-Mozzarella Pork Chops

Everyone is talking about where they’re going for the holidays, and many of my friends are traveling to where they grew up. The hubby and I are staying put– with how much I travel for work, it’s nice to have a home base for the holidays! But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss Buffalo– and hot sauce. Lots of hot… Continue reading

Dec 15
swap (1)

Soft Gingerbread Cookies {Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap}

It’s funny– growing up I didn’t like gingerbread cookies all that much, but when I saw these soft gingerbread cookies from Cookies and Cups, I knew my thoughts on gingerbread were going to change. And they did! I doubled the recipe to start and wish I would have tripled it. No, I didn’t bake four dozen cookies for just me–… Continue reading

Dec 12
orzo (4)

One-Pot Shrimp and Elbow Pasta

Life has calmed down enough that I have been home before 8 pm every night this week- crazy right?!? Last night, I was home at 5:30. I feel like I have so much extra time on my hands. Well, at least enough time to make dinner. I’ve cleaned the pantry, and next up, I’ll be cleaning up the fridge. It’s… Continue reading

Dec 04

Banana-Pecan Scones {the leftovers club}

  Welcome to another edition of the Leftovers Club!! I am thrilled to be matched with Joanne from Eats Well With Others. She makes the most amazing treats for our group– homemade marshmallows, macarons….you name it– Joanne has made it. Congrats to Joanne– she got married this past weekend Yay! She looked gorgeous in her photos that I stalked on… Continue reading

Dec 01
zucchini fritters 2

Zucchini Fritters {Secret Recipe Club}

  Hello December 1! How is it December already?!? I had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with my family. We spent today at the Buffalo Bills game and recreated a photo we took eight years ago.   I think we’re still looking pretty good! But maybe I’m a little biased This month for the Secret Recipe Club I was matched with Andrea… Continue reading

Nov 13

Honey-Drizzled Roasted Vegetables Over Polenta

As Austin cooks more (as I am more stressed by everyday life), he is getting creative, and I am eating well! The other night, he went into the kitchen with no plan, and came out with this– look below!       Amazing right?!? I think so! He roasted veggies and toasted walnuts and served it over fried polenta. And… Continue reading

Nov 10

Breakfast Scramble

Austin has been cooking a lot recently- thank goodness. I am impossibly overwhelmed, and he has stepped up completely as I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So this week, both recipes have been made by my talented cook of a husband. First up, breakfast scramble! He adapted this recipe from Taste of Home, and… Continue reading

Nov 06

Pumpkin Bars {The Leftovers Club}

Yay! We’re back. After a month hiatus, the Leftovers Club is back with a bang! We have ten amazing bloggers sharing recipes today, and I hope you take time to check out each page. I was matched with Shaina from Take a Bite Out of Boca. Shaina is one of the original Leftovers Club members, and I am thrilled she… Continue reading

Nov 03
Cinnamon Peanut Butter Bars - Food Ramblings

Decadent Cinnamon Peanut Butter Bars

I am finally back home after a solid two weeks on the road for work. I spent a week in Texas and then a couple days in both Colorado and Utah. I loved exploring parts of the country where I haven’t spent too much time. I ate my way throughout these states, but I feel like I rolled my way… Continue reading

Oct 30

Beef and Pepper Pasta

I love a one-pot meal. If you’ve noticed, I make many of these. My most recent one (yes- weeks ago when I wasn’t traveling for work), I made a great one-pot dish. It was inspired from a recipe I posted in February (Spicy Sausage Pasta). Same style of recipe but a very different flavor profile. It was a hit in… Continue reading